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Newport News Nuclear BWXT-Los Alamos (N3B) brings operational discipline, proven approaches, and predictable results to the Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract (LLCC). Our plan readies all transuranic (TRU) waste for shipment within the contract period, achieves full compliance with the 2016 Consent Order as early as possible given regulatory constraints, and will enable the U.S. Department of Energy’s Environmental Management Los Alamos Field Office (DOE EM-LA) to meet all New Mexico, Tribal Nations, and public commitments.

The N3B team includes Stoller Newport News Nuclear (SN3) and BWXT Technical Services Group, Inc. (BWXT). We are joined by critical subcontractors Longenecker & Associates, Inc. (L&A) and Tech2 Solutions (T2S), a joint venture between Tetra Tech and Sealaska, an Alaska Native firm. Together, we provide a full range of capabilities tailored to LLCC challenges:

  • Two decades of successful DOE-EM mission completion at DOE and national laboratory sites – without impacting core missions
  • The only two companies in the world to have continuously performed safe nuclear operations under U.S. Navy nuclear rigor from the program’s start to the present, a combined 120 years of disciplined nuclear operations experience
  • Successful TRU waste retrieval, treatment, packaging, and shipment across numerous DOE and NNSA sites
  • Completion of billions of dollars’ worth of environmental management work
  • Outstanding safety record across various environmental, waste management, and manufacturing operations
  • Completion of environmental restoration activities and transition into long-term stewardship
  • Innovative solutions to challenging environmental management problems

L&A will implement the Contractor Assurance System (CAS) scope and support Quality Assurance. Their experts have designed, implemented, and supported NQA-1 and CAS programs across the DOE complex at EM and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) sites (including Hanford, Savannah River Site, and Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office), and they are the prime support contractor for the Energy Facility Contractor’s Group (EFCOG). Using L&A for this role provides an essential aspect of independence (through audits) to ensure an honest evaluation of the quality and implementation of established programs, systems, and training, with no bias in metrics, performance assessments, or corrective actions.

T2S has been involved in nearly every chromium- and RDX-contaminated groundwater project in the U.S., including high-profile, time-critical projects to contain, control, and remediate groundwater plumes before reaching drinking water sources. T2S experts are experienced in using Los Alamos National Laboratory’s (LANL) groundwater modeling software (MODFLOW and FEHM) and will apply advanced visualization and analytical tools to provide broader, all-encompassing views of the problems. This additional information and perspective will enable the optimization of the groundwater monitoring program and well placements to achieve more efficient contaminant control, monitoring, and remediation.

Summary/Description of Contractor’s Technical Approach

N3B’s campaign approach and schedule integrates PWS (Performance Work Statement) performance with the 2016 Consent Order throughout the 10-year contract term. Our approach is based on five criteria:

1. Complete initial priority campaigns to achieve FY 2017 enforceable milestones and the FY 2018 and FY 2019 targets included within Consent Order Appendix B
2. Support defined priorities of the 2012 Framework Agreement in accordance with PWS C.3.6.4: (1) surface-stored combustible contact-handled transuranic (CH-TRU) waste, (2) groundwater protection activities, (3) surface water protection activities, and (4) protection of drinking water supplies
3. Address highest source-term risks early (e.g., General’s Tanks and high transuranic Material at Risk (MAR TRU) waste)
4. Sequence remediation campaigns within provided funding targets to optimize use of resources
5. Align activities to support regulatory review/approval, and public engagement when required, for activities requiring CMEs and New Mexico Environmental Department-issued Statements of Basis to select remedies.

Although we are confident that the scope can be accomplished within available funding targets, our approach does not prioritize cost savings as the primary goal. Rather, we emphasize complete and timely actions, with high-quality deliverables and performance that is actively coordinated with the DOE, regulators, and interested stakeholders. When work is done right the first time, both cost and schedule savings will naturally follow.

Organizational Structure and Identification of Key Personnel

The Team to Execute the Program

Our seven key personnel bring an average of 32 years of proven leadership, technical expertise on all aspects of the PWS, safety and quality excellence, and regulatory and stakeholder engagement. They bring a demonstrated ability to drive disciplined operations through all levels of the workforce. In addition to the four key personnel identified by DOE, we have added three key personnel to ensure rigor in nuclear safety and disciplined operations, maximize regulatory and stakeholder compliance and acceptance, and deliver high-quality, on-time deliverables.

Commitments to the Community for the Term of the Contract

Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract (LLCC) Community Commitment Plan

We will demonstrate our commitment to the Los Alamos area by investing 5% of our earned fee over the contract life in the northern New Mexico region for educational initiatives and economic and charitable giving that will have the greatest impact on the region. In addition to our financial pledge, N3B staff will donate 4,000 hours yearly to programs that support Los Alamos area schools and youth. Recognizing that the management and operations (M&O) contractor invests substantially in scholarships and other types of support to those heading to college, our principal focus will be on assisting those who wish to be technicians, support environmental sampling, and other operational occupations.

N3B’s Community Commitment Plan will consist of:

Regional Education Outreach:

Apprentice School: The Apprentice School would be modeled after The Apprentice School in Newport News, Virginia, operated by N3B partner SN3’s parent company, Huntington Ingalls Industries, and tailored to the specific needs of northern New Mexico and EM-LA. Courses and fields will be developed to meet regional employment needs such as the need for radiation technicians and groundwater and surface water samplers.

N3B will also participate in and provide funding to: College Night for area high school students, Teacher Appreciation of local teachers, Workforce Pipeline Development for PreK-12 math teachers, Scholarship Funds for New Mexico students, DOE Los Alamos Regional Science Bowl, First Friday Readers, and Introduce a Girl to Engineering.

Regional Development:

We will partner with the Northern New Mexico Regional Economic Development Initiatives to build the local economy; meet with economic development and community leaders, local business owners, site contractors, and union representatives to gather feedback on the economic trends affecting the region; collaborate to work together on key issues and problems encountered in the Los Alamos area; develop a long-term program of enhancing youth awareness of careers and the working world; encourage and facilitate a regional approach to workforce development initiatives; attend all DOE Site-Specific Advisory Board Meetings and provide support as needed; and donate money and resources to charitable events.

Community Support: 

N3B will develop a community-based initiative and partner with the LANL Foundation to support employees in civic participation through company-sponsored and personal volunteer initiatives; actively support the revitalization and growth of the economy through nonprofits, such as United Way, 501(c)(3) charities, and organizations throughout the region; and partner with the LANL Foundation to engage employees and retirees to mentor in the classrooms.

Economic Development:

We will partner with the Consortium of Major Subcontractors to leverage resources to create greater economic and community impact throughout the seven county region of northern New Mexico; actively participate with the Northern New Mexico Regional Economic Development Initiative and local chambers of commerce on practices intended to attract businesses to northern New Mexico where regional capabilities do not currently exist; and be an active participant of the quarterly regional chamber meetings to communicate procurement strategies, forecasted opportunities, and other information as may be requested by chamber representatives.

Total Contract Value Commitment to Small Business Subcontracting

We expect to meet small business goals from day 1 of the contract.

Small Business – From day one of operations, the N3B team will exceed small business goals. T2S and L&A will perform 13 percent of the scope during the first year; a further 16 percent will be achieved by novating ongoing subcontracts during transition.

As a single purpose operating affiliate of Stoller Newport News Nuclear, Inc. and BWXT Technical Services Group, Inc., N3B is committed to increasing small business (SB) participation as part of the operation’s efforts and implementation of cost-savings initiatives, with focus on local and regional communities including substantive preferences to northern New Mexico businesses and local Native American pueblos and tribes. N3B’s core values include a commitment to ensure SB participation in significant and complex aspects of the site’s mission. We believe that such SB participation will support project goals, positively affect the local and regional communities, and provide a foundation for growth and expansion. Our objective to recruit, mentor, and develop local SBs will benefit the northern New Mexico Community (which includes Taos, Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, Mora, San Miguel, and Los Alamos Counties, and the eight regional Pueblos of Nambe, Picuris, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso, San Juan, Santa Clara, Taos, and Tesuque).

N3B’s approach is built on the belief that SBs should receive a durable benefit from participating in meaningful aspects of the project. These types of scopes lead to enhanced capabilities that provide a solid experience/performance base and ensure stability for project performance. We mentor our SBs to help them strengthen their core competencies; improve financial, administrative, and other functions/systems; and qualify them for additional work. N3B also ensures that, if local SB concerns are not readily available, action is taken to provide additional assistance to help SBs develop into reliable suppliers. This will allow them to compete for and perform subcontract work. We utilize a variety of tools to locate and use SB entities from all categories with a focus in Northern New Mexico as well as across the state and nationwide. N3B leverages the corporate-wide resources of its parent companies, including contacts, databases, protégés, special SB programs, and experienced personnel to ensure that we meet or exceed the goals established in this SB plan. Through implementation of this plan, N3B will aggressively pursue subcontracting opportunities with small business concerns comprised of small businesses (SB), veteran-owned small businesses (VOSB), service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSB), HUBZone small businesses (HUBZone); small disadvantaged businesses (SDB) (which include Alaskan Native Corporations (ANC) and Indian tribes); and women-owned small businesses (WOSB).

N3B will novate the 16 (of 18) small business subcontracts supporting the bridge contract. These include an analytical laboratory, four drilling companies, six environmental service companies, and five companies supporting waste treatment, transportation, and disposal. These subcontracts account for 16% of the first year’s total annual costs. In addition, our two critical subcontractors, both small businesses, account for an additional 13% of total annual costs. In all, as the LLCC begins, we will be subcontracting 45% of the total scope, 29% to small businesses and only 16% to the M&O or other large business subcontractors.

All of the novated contracts will be reevaluated during the first year of the contract. They will be recompeted if our analysis indicates that doing so will positively impact performance or reduce cost or risk. In addition, prior to notice to proceed (NTP), we will use SN3’s approved procurement system to begin the procurement process for additional small business subcontracts. This will be done as a nonreimbursable activity. Shortly after NTP, we will present these additional subcontracts to EM-LA for approval and subcontract award.

Brief overview of originally proposed Contract Schedule including anticipated completion dates of major campaign milestones. Note that we expect these will be modified to align with annual revisions to the Consent Order.

A Plan and Approach for Accomplishment

Section 1.1. Transition

  • Execute a 90-day transition managing it as a project
  • Identify and hire over 400 staff ready to work upon the first day of operations
  • Stand up nine new, fit-for-purpose business systems
  • All policies and procedures reviewed with modifications identified and initiated
  • All interface agreements negotiated

Section 1.2. CH-TRU Disposition

  • 100% reduction in aboveground MAR at risk of wildland fire
  • 100% completion of CH-TRU waste retrieval, packaging, and certification
  • 100% removal of TA-21 generated CH TRU waste, specifically General’s Tanks, by the end of year 4

Section 1.3. Surface Water

  • Complete the surface water actions workplan in FY 2018 to support the RDX Corrective Measures Evaluation
  • Provide all deliverables on time and enhance the quality and timeliness of surface water deliverables

Section 1.4. Groundwater

  • Complete chromium (Cr) interim remedy in 2018
  • Complete Cr and RDX Corrective Measures Evaluations in 2018
  • Complete Cr and RDX Corrective Measures Implementation Plans in 2019

Section 1.5. RCRA Remediation

  • Complete all available (1,242) solid waste management units / areas of concern (SWMUs/ AOCs) by the end of this contract
  • Complete 16 of 17 campaigns

Implement remedies for two Material Disposal Areas (MDAs) in the base period, and three more before the end of the contract

The N3B team brings the capabilities and experience to safely retrieve and process site CH TRU waste, implement required surface water and groundwater efforts, and investigate and complete remediation of all available SWMUs and AOCs.