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Please see below:

Welcome Letter from N3B President Nick Lombardo

New Hire FAQs

April 25, 2018

Dear N3B Team,

I am happy to formally welcome you to the N3B team. My key staff and I are so pleased that you have chosen to join us at the outset of this enterprise and hope you are as excited as we are to carry out the important work under the new Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract.

To those of you who have joined N3B as LANL incumbents who are experienced cleanup workers, I want to offer each of you a sincere thank you for the hard work you have already contributed to lay the foundation for this project. We want to build on that good work and advance it to meet the goals of the EM-LA mission.

To those of you who are joining our workforce new to the cleanup effort, we appreciate your enthusiasm and are eager to get you started on the work you will perform to support the EM-LA LLCC project.

To those of you joining us through our critical subcontractors, Tech2 Solutions and L&A, as well as the many existing subcontractors, your partnership is important to us and we cannot do this work without all of you.

We aim to establish a thriving culture on this project that invests in the future through the development and recognition of our workforce. We want to attract and retain the best talent and create a reputation for being a great team to work for. Over the following weeks and months and years we will work together to earn that respect. We are incredibly grateful to have your skills and experiences on board to round out the team and head towards enduring success.

We look forward to seeing you on your first day!

Please report to:

April 30, 2018 8:00 a.m.
N3B First-Day All-Hands Meeting

Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder
20 Buffalo Thunder Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87506
Pueblo Ballroom


Nick Lombardo
N3B Program Manager

N3B First Day All-Hands Meeting Information

We are looking forward to seeing you at our N3B opening day event. This mandatory all-hands meeting is scheduled as follows:

When: Monday, April 30th , 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
What: N3B First-Day All-Hands Meeting
Where: Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder, 20 Buffalo Thunder Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87506, Pueblo Ballroom

See map below

The following items are essential to get everyone through the hiring orientation and on-boarding process.

Please Bring:

  • Identification
  • Please see the below list of acceptable forms of identification. Only original documents shown on the list can be used to fulfill this requirement.
  • Bank Routing Number and Account Number for payroll direct deposit
  • A voided check works well for this.
  • N3B Benefit Enrollment Choice
  • Review benefits packages that were included with your offer.
  • Be prepared to make enrollment decisions with plan selections.
  • Have full names, birth dates, and social security numbers of your dependents.
  • For benefit questions, Amy and Nichole are available through the weekend by phone or e-mail:
    • Amy Collie: 980-263-7624
    • Nichole Cobb: 270-703-1969
  • Personnel who have a Military Discharge Certificate (DD-214) should bring it.

Badging and Clearances

Incumbent Employees, rest assured, your clearance badge that you turn in to LANL security will be returned to you and the following information does not apply to you.

New Cleanup Employees, you will receive an e-mail from General Information Services ( that you MUST respond to in order to complete a general background check to begin the badging and clearance process.

General Agenda

All Staff report to Buffalo Thunder – 8 a.m.

N3B provides breakfast burritos and lunch

Welcome Greeting, N3B President Nick Lombardo

Human Resources overview and break-out sessions

Badging information

Acceptable Forms of identification

New Hire FAQ

How will we get access to the building on April 30 if we do not have a badge?
Visitor access will be provided until you get your badge back, but everyone should be at Buffalo Thunder on 4/30. There should be no need to enter the Pueblo Building.

Will the badge readers in the Pueblo complex be removed or will we be receiving new badges?
You will receive a new badge, or if an incumbent, you will get your old badge back recoded under N3B.

I have an active Q clearance, so will I still be able to keep my Q clearance?
Yes. No action will be taken to change clearance levels until your next clearance review cycle. That will be a different time period for everyone.

Will we have access to the yellow network?
Yellow network access will be available for a limited number of N3B personnel.