N3B Community Contributions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your funding cycle?

Our funding cycle is January 1–December 31. However, requests for funding may be submitted at any time.

When is the best time to submit a request?

The best time to submit a request is when you have a proposal that meets the guidelines and answers any questions you think we may have about your program.

What is the minimum and maximum dollar amount that you will grant per project?

We have not set a minimum or maximum dollar amount. But typically we expect the minimum will be about $500 and the maximum to be in the $5,000-$10,000 range.

What about the maximum per organization?

We have not set a maximum per organization. However, given the need, we would be less likely to fund an additional request from an organization that has received funds from us in the preceding 12 months.

How much money do you anticipate awarding in a year?

N3B has committed to giving away five percent of its annual earned fee, which can vary from year to year. In 2019, our budget for the community contribution portion of our Community Commitment Plan is about $267,000. The Apprenticeship Program additionally has budgeted for $133,000. The full Community Commitment budget is at $400,000. We expect the 2020 budget to be about the same.

What types of projects will you fund?

Funding guidelines can be found on our website at www.n3b-la.com. In general we have targeted our funding according to the following breakdown:

  • Education – 50 percent
  • Arts & Culture – 20 percent
  • Health & Human Services – 20 percent
  • Civic & Economic Development – 10 percent
Do you think your funding priorities will change?

We will review our program periodically along with the types of requests we receive. It’s quite possible we will make changes if we see important community needs that don’t match with our listed priorities.

Will requests be categorized by type of organization or type of project?

Most requests will be coded by organization. However, it is quite conceivable for an arts organization, for example, to submit a request for funding for an educational program. In that case, it would be coded toward education.

Will you share the list of the organizations you fund?

We will post an annual report of our Community Commitment Program, including a list of funded organizations.

If our request is denied can we resubmit?

Requests are judged on their own merits and not against anyone else’s request. So chances are slim that we would approve a request that we’ve already denied. However, a proposal from the same organization that better fits our funding criteria would be considered.

If our request is denied, will we get a debriefing on why our request was denied?

We commit to letting all organizations know if their request has been granted or denied. Unfortunately, we cannot commit to providing a detailed critique of denied proposals.

Do you give to capital campaigns?

As a general rule, we do not give to capital campaigns.

Do you give to matching funds campaigns?

We evaluate programs according to our guidelines. Whether or not your program is eligible for matching funds through another organization would be of small consideration in our decision. However, it seems like a smart thing to do if you can leverage our contribution to secure others.

Do you match employee contributions?

We do not match employee contributions. However, we do take into account employee involvement with organizations in our assessment.

Do you provide in-kind contributions?

One of our review criteria is the level and extent to which our employees are actively involved in an organization. That is not a requirement, but we give greater weight to those organizations for which our employees are passionate. However, we do not provide paid staff to work at an organization as loaned executives.

Do you have equipment to donate?

Our company is a contractor to the federal government. As such, all of the equipment on our project is owned by the federal government, which has a lengthy process for disposing of excess assets. The equipment usually ends up being transferred to another federal, state or local agency. So we don’t expect to have equipment to donate.

Do you donate scholarships to individuals?

We do not make any donations to individuals for any purposes, including scholarships. However, we do donate to scholarship funds where a school, university or other entity handles the management of applications and the award of scholarships. We are not involved directly in the scholarship selection and award process.

Do you contribute to overhead expenses or general operating funds?


Since you take into account the level of employee volunteers in an organization, how do I solicit your employees to volunteer in our organization?

Send your request to N3BOutreach@em-la.doe.gov and we will let our staff know about your need.

Do you have a formula for how much money you will donate in Los Alamos vs. elsewhere?

We intend to invest a significant portion of our charitable dollars outside the Los Alamos area, especially in the Española Valley/Rio Arriba and Santa Fe areas. We won’t rule out other areas of Northern New Mexico, but our goal is to mainly contribute where our employees live.