2021 Accomplishments

Our progress toward protecting the environment and our workforce

By the Numbers

FY20FY21Performance ActivityBackground
533Transuranic (TRU) waste shipments to WIPP executedFrom start of contract in April 2018, 54 shipments (283 m³) executed.
8951,284Low-level waste (LLW) dispositioned (cubic meters)Incl. CH-TRU & ER LLW; 149 total shipments (3,632 m³) completed.
2,03554Mixed low-level waste (MLLW) dispositioned (cubic meters)Incl. CH-TRU & ER MLLW; 94 total shipments (2,150 m³) completed.
1712.6Hazardous waste dispositioned (cubic meters)Incl. CH-TRU & ER haz waste; 19 total shipments (259 m³) completed.
01Nuclear waste remediation process lines startedStarted LLW remediation processing line in FY21 Q3 to remove liquid that resulted from precipitation accumulation following outside storage
994430Waste characterization activities in advance of remediation and/or shipmentHigh Energy Real Time Radiography, Flam Gas, and High Efficiency Neutron Counter performed by the WIPP Central Characterization Program.
354264Legacy TRU waste containers remediated in advance of disposalEntails sorting and repackaging waste to meet disposal facility acceptance criteria.
1110Consent Order campaigns underway (17 total)One Consent Order campaign completed during FY20, 16 remain, 10 in progress.
16/1613/13Consent Order milestones completedThe DOE EM Los Alamos Field Office proposed 13 milestones for FY21.
4,9746,414Water, soil and vapor samples collectedSamples collected for characterization and to support final remedies
65.7114.2Groundwater treated and reinjected at Chromium Interim Measure (million gallons)System became fully operational along plume's eastern boundary in March 2021.
113.5206.8Hexavalent chromium removed from regional aquifer (pounds)Removed through extraction and treatment via ion exchange.
6641,332Storm water control inspections conducted under Individual PermitStorm water controls mitigate erosion and potential contaminant transport. Inspections dependent on rain events.
122194Aggregate Area waste dispositioned (cubic meters)Soil and debris excavated as part of environmental remediation activities.
414Certificates of Completion (COCs) from New Mexico Environment Dept. for contaminated sites associated with historical LANL operationsEnables status change under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act permit.
106,870149,690Transition water shipped (gallons)Consists of purged well water and drilling fluids stored around LANL and on Los Alamos County lands that remained from previous contract.
14516.4Transition soil, metal and debris shipped (cubic meters)Non-hazardous waste and New Mexico Special Waste. Final shipment of transition materials that remained from previous contract completed Sept. 16.
2044Stakeholder engagement meetingsPublic meetings have continued virtually throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
308Students enrolled in N3B's Workforce Development ProgramImplemented in partnership with local colleges. N3B's first class of nuclear operator apprentices graduated in August 2021.
$55.5M$46MN3B annual small business commitmentsFY21 decrease attributed to COVID-19 pandemic.
67%83%Percent of subcontracts awarded to small businessesContract requires 65% of annual purchase commitments go to small businesses.

N3B (FY20 and FY21)

Scope of work

Newport News Nuclear BWXT Los Alamos (N3B) is responsible for safely and efficiently cleaning up legacy contamination and waste resulting from nuclear weapons development and government-sponsored nuclear research between1942 and 1999 at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

N3B's Parent Companies

N3B is an HII Nuclear-led company with BWX Technologies, with critical subcontractors Longenecker & Associates and Tech2Solutions.