Cleanup Outreach

Involving the community in cleanup decisions

Cleanup Outreach

N3B is implementing a robust stakeholder engagement program as part of its work with the Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract on behalf of the Department of Energy, Environment Management, Los Alamos Field Office. Stakeholders in the cleanup at Los Alamos include the general public, elected officials, environmental groups and government entities that have interest in the project.


Stakeholder engagement is central to decision-making during the cleanup process. Well-informed decision-making requires sustained stakeholder engagement. We value a diversity of stakeholder perspectives, which helps ensure we understand what matters most to the community. Towards this end, we strive to:

  1. Operate in an open, honest, accurate and timely manner
  2. Improve and continually evolve stakeholder engagement to meet public needs, and
  3. Be responsive

Furthermore, stakeholder engagement builds trust and confidence in the decision-making process by ensuring stakeholders are informed and involved. Through our stakeholder engagement strategy, we have crafted an approach to understand stakeholders values/needs, encourage the involvement of the broad and diverse public at the outset and throughout the decision-making process, meet or exceed federal and state requirements for stakeholder engagement, and ensure consistency with the legacy waste cleanup mission and budget to achieve a safe and protective cleanup.

Our stakeholder engagement effort is a marathon and not a sprint. It is at the cornerstone of our mission going forward and it will evolve as needed. As part of our stakeholder engagement plan, EM-LA and N3B have held public meetings and will continue to do so throughout out the life of the contract. In the second half of 2019, Environmental Management Cleanup Forums were held across Northern New Mexico. During those forums, questions were solicited from the audience to engage stakeholders regarding their thoughts about the project. We have listed the questions from those forums below as well as the answers we have since provided.

Get Involved

N3B encourages engagement from the public in making decisions in regards to cleanup work performed by N3B. Since the beginning of our contract, we have worked to be transparent and include the public in cleanup decisions, as well as providing information about ongoing cleanup work, the next steps, proposed remedies, and anticipated schedule. Below are resources to get involved. 


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May 17, 2023
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