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Enriching the community through meaningful contributions

Community Contributions Guidelines

Newport News Nuclear BWXT Los Alamos (N3B) is committed to providing five percent of its earned fee over the life of the Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract to benefit community organizations in Northern New Mexico. The majority of these funds are designated toward education initiatives and economic and charitable giving that will have the greatest impact on the region. 

As part of N3B’s wider community outreach effort, we have established a Community Contributions Program to provide financial support to local organizations. We are soliciting Northern New Mexico nonprofit organizations to submit funding  in the areas listed below. In addition, we are supporting requests for nonprofits to meet these needs while remaining COVID-19 compliant.  



Health & Human Services

Arts & Culture

Civic & Economic Development

Projects we are looking to support include:

Financial support is provided to nonprofit organizations that have a 501(c)3 or 170(c) tax-exempt status. Requests will be evaluated based, in part, on the following:

  • Orientation toward STEM education
  • Ability to address the needs of underserved populations
  • Ability to serve the most people possible
  • Level of volunteerism by N3B employees and their families participate
  • Demonstration of a genuine community need with limited options for alternate funding
  • Ability to provide recognition for N3B, as well as its community partners and partnerships

On occasion, N3B will consider requests from community organizations that fall outside the screening criteria if the projects reflect N3B’s mission, values and interests, and especially if they contribute to improved community-wide quality of life and promote economic development in Northern New Mexico.

Please review the FAQs and Fact Sheet for a complete list of funding and review criteria.


You may submit your request online by clicking here.

Each request is considered on its own merits, but may be grouped with other requests, which are reviewed every two to three months. The review process may take several months. Requesting organizations will be notified when a decision is made. 

The request form will ask for the following information:

  • A description of the organization and its mission, goals and objectives in 100 words or less
  • The specific purpose of the request in 100 words or less
  • Additional information you would like us to know about your request
  • The amount requested
  • List of other funding sources and the amounts received
  • Description of how N3B’s donation will be publicized
  • A high-resolution copy of the requesting organization’s logo
  • A current balance sheet
  • Name, title, address, telephone number and email address of principal contact, along with the organization’s website address
  • A copy of the organization’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letter of determination
  • A copy of the organization’s IRS Form W-9
  • A copy of the N3B Vendor Maintenance Form with the “Remit To” section filled in, download here

Contact: (505) 695-4354

Submit a Request for Funding

Please review the material above, which describes what we will and won’t fund and how to go about submitting a request. 

Requests will be acknowledged, and requesting organizations will be notified if we have questions and when a decision is made. 

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Downloadable Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your funding cycle?

Our funding cycle is January 1–December 31. However, requests for funding may be submitted at any time.

When is the best time to submit a request?

The best time to submit a request is when you have a proposal that meets the guidelines and answers any questions you think we may have about your program.

What is the minimum and maximum dollar amount that you will grant per project?

We have not set a minimum or maximum dollar amount. But typically we expect the minimum will be about $500 and the maximum to be about $10,000.

What about the maximum per organization?

We have not set a maximum per organization. However, given the need, we would be less likely to fund an additional request from an organization that has received funds from us in the preceding 12 months.

How much money do you anticipate awarding in a year?

N3B has committed to giving away five percent of its annual earned fee, which can vary from year to year. In 2019 and 2020, our budget for the community contribution portion of our Community Commitment Plan has been about $267,000. The Apprenticeship Program additionally has budgeted for $133,000. The full Community Commitment budget is $400,000. We expect the 2020 budget to be about the same.

What types of projects will you fund?

Funding guidelines can be found on our website at In general we have targeted our funding according to the following breakdown:

• Education – 50 percent
• Arts & Culture – 20 percent
• Health & Human Services – 20 percent
• Civic & Economic Development – 10 percent

Do you think your funding priorities will change?

Yes, in fact, the impact of coronavirus pandemic this year caused us to expand funding to include nonprofits’ ability to respond to clients in the midst of the pandemic. We’ll continue to make changes as needed.

Will requests be categorized by type of organization or type of project?

Most requests will be coded by organization. However, it is quite conceivable for an arts organization, for example, to submit a request for funding for an educational program. In that case, it would be coded toward education.

Will you share the list of the organizations you fund?

We will post an annual report of our Community Commitment Program, including a list of funded organizations.

If our request is denied can we resubmit?

Requests are judged on their own merits. So chances are slim that we would approve a request that we’ve already denied. However, a proposal from the same organization that better fits our funding criteria would be considered.

If our request is denied, will we get a debriefing on why our request was denied?

We commit to letting all organizations know if their request has been granted or denied. Unfortunately, we cannot commit to providing a detailed critique of denied proposals.

Do you give to capital campaigns?

As a general rule, we do not give to capital campaigns.

Do you give to matching funds campaigns?

We evaluate programs according to our guidelines and make giving decisions for a specific purpose and specific amount. In general, we do not provide matching funds.

Do you match employee contributions?

We do not match employee contributions. However, we do take into account employee involvement with organizations in our assessment.

Do you provide in-kind contributions?

One of our review criteria is the level and extent to which our employees are actively involved in an organization. That is not a requirement, but we give greater weight to those organizations for which our employees are passionate. However, we do not provide paid staff to work at an organization as loaned executives.

Do you have equipment to donate?

Our company is a contractor to the federal government. As such, all of the equipment on our project is owned by the federal government, which has a lengthy process for disposing of excess assets. The equipment usually ends up being transferred to another federal, state or local agency. So we don’t expect to have equipment to donate.

Do you donate scholarships to individuals?

We do not make any donations to individuals for any purposes, including scholarships. However, we do donate to scholarship funds where a school, university or other entity handles the management of applications and the award of scholarships. We are not involved directly in the scholarship selection and award process.

Do you contribute to overhead expenses or general operating funds?


Since you take into account the level of employee volunteers in an organization, how do I solicit your employees to volunteer in our organization?

Send your request to and we will let our staff know about your needs.

Do you have a formula for how much money you will donate in Los Alamos vs. elsewhere?

We intend to invest a significant portion of our charitable dollars outside the Los Alamos area, especially in the Española Valley/Rio Arriba and Santa Fe areas. We won’t rule out other areas of Northern New Mexico, but our goal is to mainly contribute where our employees live.

Organizations We Support

In 2019, N3B contributed to the following grant-funded programs at 33 Northern New Mexico nonprofits, or organizations with a 501(c) or 170(c) tax-exempt status. 

2019 Grant Recipients

  • 100 Men Who Care Los Alamos
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Fe/Del Norte
  • Bradbury Science Museum Association
  • Breath of My Heart Birthplace
  • Dance Arts Los Alamos
  • Española Community Market Cooperative
  • The Family YMCA Española YMCA Teen Center
  • Habitat for Humanity of Española Valley and Los Alamos
  • Healing America’s Heroes
  • Las Cumbres Community Services
  • Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe
  • Los Alamos Community Foundation
  • Los Alamos Family Council
  • Los Alamos Historical Society
  • Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board
  • Los Alamos Makers
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory Major Subcontractors Consortium
  • Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation
  • National Dance Institute of New Mexico
  • New Mexico Governor’s STEM Challenge
  • Northern New Mexico College
  • Northern New Mexico Regional Arts Center
  • Ohkay Owingeh Housing Authority
  • Pajarito Environmental Education Center
  • Rio Arriba Adult Literacy Program
  • Project Y – Team 4153
  • Santa Fe Alliance for Science
  • Self Help, Inc.
  • Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association
  • STEM Santa Fe
  • United Way of Santa Fe County
  • Villa Therese Catholic Clinic
  • United Way of Northern New Mexico

2019 Event Scholarship and Event Sponsorships

N3B sponsored 19 Northern New Mexico events throughout 2019 with monetary contributions and volunteer hours. 

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region – 40th Anniversary Event
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region – Bowling & Golf Tournaments
  • Bradbury Science Museum Association Teen Advisory Board
  • Danny Nichols Memorial Golf Tournament
  • Los Alamos High Flyer Gymnastics
  • Española Valley Chamber of Commerce – New Mexico Folk Art Market
  • Española Valley Chamber of Commerce – Española Summer Concert
  • Pajarito Environmental Education Center Earth Day Festival
  • Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails
  • Enchanted Evening Gala – Celebrating Women in STEM
  • Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails
  • Enchanted Evening Gala – Celebrating Women in STEM
  • Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce – Los Alamos Chamber Fest
  • Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce – Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce Awards Celebration
  • Los Alamos Early College and Career Academy
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos National Laboratory Workers Safety and Security Taskforce
  • Northern New Mexico College Soiree in Slippers
  • Regional Development Corporation – Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Summit
  • The Secret City Summer Concerts – Los Alamos Summer Concert Series
  • The Trails Foundation Adopt-A-Trail Program – First School Canyon Rim Trail Clean-up Day

2019 Company Sponsored Memberships

Española Valley Chamber of Commerce

New Mexico Association of Grantmakers

LANL Major Subcontractors Consortium

Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce


N3B Volunteer Efforts

N3B encourages its employees to be active in the community where they live and support local organizations with their time, talent and treasure.

 We like to support organizations our employees are passionate about. In fact, one of the criteria we use to evaluate requests for funds is involvement in the organization by our employees.

 If you need volunteers, including board members, send us a request at and we’ll let our staff know.

Employee Participation on Community Boards 

Many members of N3B’s senior management, along with their direct reports, volunteer their time on regional boards that contribute to our community well-being.

  • 100 Men Who Care Los Alamos 
    Todd Nelson, Regulatory & Stakeholder Involvement

  • Bradbury Science Museum Association 
    Jeff Holland, Regulatory & Stakeholder Involvement

  • Friends of Manhattan Project National Historical Park Los Alamos 
    Mary Erwin, Program Manager, Business Services
    Kristin Henderson, Director, Stakeholder Affairs
    Joe Noll, Program Manager, Engineering & Nuclear Safety  
  • Los Alamos Family Council
    Mary Erwin, Program Manager, Business Services
  • New Mexico State Apprenticeship Council
    Mark Russell, Manager, Central Training & Apprentice Program

  • Regional Development Corporation
    Kristin Henderson, Director, Stakeholder Affairs

  • Society for Ecological Restoration
    Shawn Stone, Director, Environmental Programs
    & Services

  • STEM Santa Fe
    Joe Noll, Program Manager, Engineering & Nuclear Safety



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    Suite 150
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