Workforce Development Education and Training

Developing a strong, talented local workforce

Investing in a Skilled Workforce

N3B has worked to expand its workforce training programs across Northern New Mexico to include a Nuclear Operators Apprenticeship Program, a Radiological Control Technician (RCT) Boot Camp and a Waste Processing Operator (WPO) Boot Camp. Participants become full-time N3B employees once they begin coursework, receiving competitive wages and comprehensive benefits and retirement packages. N3B also pays participants’ tuition expenses as they earn college credits. Several other initiatives geared toward improving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education are a focus of N3B’s support.

nuclear operator apprenticeship program

N3B’s Apprenticeship Program is a collaboration with Northern New Mexico College. Participants in this two-year program are paid to work alongside highly skilled nuclear professionals while taking courses to become qualified as a Nuclear Operator.

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  The Radiological control technician boot Camp

The RCT Boot Camp is a 12-week training program for individuals interested in nuclear safety and compliance. The RCT Boot Camp is a partnership with the UNM-LA. Candidates take classes at UNM-LA and receive hands-on training with N3B staff in the field. RCTs are a critical component of nuclear operations. They provide advanced technical support in nuclear safety and establish workplace controls regarding nuclear materials and waste.

  Waste Processing Operator Boot Camp

The WPO Boot Camp is a 12-week training program, in partnership with UNM-LA, that trains participants to assist in critical environmental cleanup. Through classwork and on-the-job training, program participants become qualified to handle, package, treat and document radioactive waste.

N3B Internships

Students have completed the program

Each summer, N3B’s Internship Program provides 10 applicants professional experience as they navigate college. Students learn new and improved skills and abilities, professional communication and the importance of networking. They gain real-world experience that enables them to apply what they’ve learned in school. At the culmination of their college career, N3B hopes interns will consider us as a future employer.

Training Highlights

Growing diversity through workforce development programs

February 27, 2020

In an effort to create a homegrown and well-paid workforce that represents greater diversity, Newport News Nuclear BWXT Los Alamos (N3B) and the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) issued certificates today to their first class of Waste Processing Operator Boot Camp students.


N3B boot camp program serves as economic driver, prepares local workforce to clean up waste sites at LANL

December 9, 2019

LOS ALAMOS, N.M.–Eight area students from Española, Chimayó, Nambé, Los Alamos and Abiquiú recently completed a program that prepares them to clean up waste sites containing chemical and radioactive materials left over from past operations at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The program has proved an economic driver that brings jobs with livable wages to Northern New Mexico’s workforce.


N3B boot camp graduate aims to clean up Northern New Mexico’s environment

December 9, 2019

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. David Abrams spends nearly all his spare time in New Mexico’s wilderness — hiking on Cerro Perdernal where Georgia O’Keefe painted, mountain biking in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and maintaining his family’s 10 acres in Nambé, 19 miles north of Santa Fe.


N3B and UNM-Los Alamos team up for Radiological Control Technician Boot Camp

August 27, 2019

LOS ALAMOS, N.M.—Nuclear News Nuclear BWXT Los Alamos (N3B) and the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) have partnered to offer a workforce development program to train participants to become Radiological Control Technicians (RCTs). The program will provide a pathway to obtain employment in one of the many nuclear-based industries across New Mexico.


Workforce Development Partnerships

We partner with local colleges and universities to educate our future employees, as well as offer scholarships to enable local youth to attend college and pursue degrees in the fields of environmental management and waste disposal, cleanup, storage and mitigation.

Northern New Mexico College (NNMC)

The President’s Eagle Fund at Northern New Mexico College allows the president to designate resources to the areas of greatest need. The fund allows for purchases of classroom accessibility equipment to help ability-impaired students and the establishment of a campus food bank and clothing closet. Northern New Mexico College primarily serves Hispanic and Native American students and aims to be nationally recognized for cultural sustainability, quality student learning and its ability to develop strong economic communities among diverse populations. N3B provided a substantial gift to help kick-start the fund.

Regional Development Corporation

N3B works with The Regional Development Corporation (RDC), a private non profit 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to improving economic development in Northern New Mexico. The RDC provides technical assistance to facilitate job growth. In partnership with the RDC, N3B has been able to offer education opportunities to people in Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, San Miguel, Santa Fe, and Taos counties.

N3B Workforce Training Center

Located at 1350 Central Ave. in Los Alamos, N3B’s Workforce Training Center offers various types of training.


Workforce training events are held at multiple times throughout the year.  See the events below for additional information.

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